Monday, April 11, 2011

High School Principal Search

The purpose of this blog post is twofold: to update you on the search process for the new High School principal and to ask for your input into the qualities of a successful candidate.

We hope to have the entire process completed by the middle of August. The posting was advertised in several newspapers, Education Week, the American Educational Research Association and posted on several university websites. There will be two rounds of committee interviews. Each committee will consist of a different group of teachers, students, administrators and parents/community members. I hope to have 2-3 candidates following the second committee interviews. These candidates will be interviewed by the entire Board of Education.

I am excited about the process and about finding an excellent leader for Somerville High School although the candidate will have to fill some big shoes left by Mr. O'Halloran. I am currently soliciting input from our SHS faculty and would like to use this blog as a vessel for student, parent and community input. As always, my door is always open for your comments/thoughts if you would prefer a personal meeting.

What are the qualities/characteristics that YOU would like to see in the new Somerville High School Principal?
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