Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Welcome Back Staff Letter 2016

Dear Colleagues:

It is my pleasure to welcome you back to the Somerville Public Schools for the 2016-2017 school year.  It is my hope that you were able to find time to rest and relax this summer.  You certainly deserve the break with all of the dedication, diligence, and hard work that you provide during the school year.  Teaching children is the most important profession and the sacrifices that you make in the Ville are very much appreciated.

This past spring, I had the opportunity to serve as a keynote speaker for the American Reading Company Summit where I used the opportunity to boast about the tremendous talents of the Ville staff and community.  The title of the presentation was Don’t Focus on the Falls.  Too often society focuses on the falls rather than the steps.  I gave the comparison (wonderfully provided to me by Dave Gustavsen) of a child taking his/her first steps.  We do not admonish the child for the falls, but rather praise them for the steps.  We don’t say, “When is my kid going to get this right?” or “I am tired of my child falling!” We praise our children for the steps similar to the way each of you praise our children for their successes.  We focus on promoting the steps in the Ville!

It is this optimism that guides our organization; a sense of hope.  I am reminded of a quote from Emily Dickinson.  “Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the human soul.”  Your precious gifts of knowledge, love of our students, belief in our students’ abilities, and hope to make this world a better place give the Ville its strength.  It is this optimism that must captain our ship during turbulent times.  Regardless of societal impact or ignorance of the profession, educators and employees that interact with our children are the bedrock of society.  I need your help to ensure that the viral negativity does not unearth the very underpinnings of the foundation we have toiled to create.  Trevor Blake, author of Three Simple Steps says, “If you are pinned in a corner for too long listening to someone be negative, than you’re more likely to behave that way as well.”  My challenge to you, dear friends and colleagues, is to get involved.  If you see something that you would like to change, ask to be part of the change process.  Tom Ziglar says, “Change starts with you, but it doesn’t start until you do.”  As our building leaders forge new pathways for our new school year, ask to get involved.  We offer employee involvement on many levels: staff incentives, Personnel Committee, District At-A-Glance Calendar Committee, Trauma Sensitive Task Force, Mosaic Mentoring Program, and many more.  Whatever your interest, please make it known to your building leaders.  Albus Dumbledore (Harry Potter) is quoted as saying, “We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided.” Let’s be united, with a purpose; to make the Ville a great place to live, learn, and grow!

We will continue to recognize these efforts and the support of our community stakeholders through our #allin4theVille stakeholder awards, BOE meetings, podcasts, blogposts, and Twitter.  Nominations for #allin4theVille stakeholder awards are accepted via the district homepage.  I encourage you to recommend a colleague or community member for the award and to share the incredible work that you are doing with our community by tweeting with the hashtag #allin4theVille.  Dr. McDonald, Ms. McEntee, and Mrs. Sung will continue the monthly district Ville(age), Innovation, and Best Practice Awards.  These awards are announced via email and posted on Twitter!  We continually value your contributions to our school community and applaud your efforts.

Last year the district passed the QSAC monitoring process.  Officials from the County Office were extremely impressed with the level of engagement and instructional practices observed during the site visitation.  Our successes have reached, not only national recognition with the National District of Distinction Award, but have garnered international attention with a visit from a Denmark official during the 2015-2016 school year.  The Digital Data Wall program (Assess Analyze Achieve), under the direction of Mr. Teehan, is designed to compile student performance data so that it is readily accessible as a tool to identify student needs and provide a direction for individualized instruction differentiated to meet identified student needs.  The shared electronic student data collections continue to evolve based on teacher and principal feedback.  All of this data provides teachers with valuable information that can be used to improve student performance outcomes, which will produce well-prepared Somerville students who are ready for college and careers.

The New Jersey Department of Education has been busy working on the state guidelines for the implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), signed by President Obama on December 10, 2015.  The Act will be promulgated for the 2017-2018 school year.  ESSA provides more flexibility to state departments in contrast to its 2002 predecessor, No Child Left Behind (NCLB).  Prior to this significant signing, districts were left to implement an outdated NCLB (earmarked for revision in 2007).  Many of these changes have addressed the resounding concerns from educators and parents nationwide.  My hope is that the NJDOE will restore local control on the effectiveness measures and reduce the weight and burden of standardized tests on teacher evaluation.

In the Ville, our Core Beliefs (developed out of our VISION2020 strategic plan) remain at the center of our mission to provide the highest quality education through an environment that promotes individual excellence.  
We believe that children learn best in a challenging, motivating, safe, secure, nurturing, encouraging, and respectful environment that fosters a love of lifelong learning.
We believe in providing learning opportunities to meet the diverse needs of each individual child.
We believe that the mosaic of every child includes the fine arts, STEAM, and extracurricular activities.
We believe that professional development is essential to the fabric of the teaching profession allowing teachers to build on current practices and constantly improve instruction.
We believe in a collaborative approach to learning and engagement that includes students, district employees, parents, community members, and community partnerships.

The VISION2020 strategic themes, Building Cultural Competence, Preparing for College and Career, and Growing Professional Development Opportunities continue for the 2nd year of our Strategic Plan.  Updates on progress towards each of these strategic themes and the school Wildly Important Goals (WIGs) can be found on the district website or district app and are updated periodically throughout the year.  As a reminder, the strategic themes were developed by the Board of Education after a community-wide Needs Assessment (previously available in both Spanish and English) and my Context Map input sessions with all staff and community members during the 2014-2015 school year.

In an effort to build Cultural Competence, a team of staff members attended training session with Susan Craig and Janis Bozowski.  A Trauma Sensitive Task Force (representing staff members from each school, administration, and a BOE member/parent) analyzed and identified trends and patterns in our district data.  The Task Force presented their findings with recommendations for the 2016-2017 school year at the June 14, 2016 Board of Education meeting.  The district will implement these recommendations for the 2016-2017 school year.

The district launched a new non-traditional high school last year under the direction of Mr. Hade and Dr. McDonald.  The extremely successful M.A.P.S. program served as the impetus of the Preparing for College and Career goal.  This year, the district will examine trends and patterns in post-Somerville data to determine career and college preparation levels.  Data collected from this study will be made available to the community through the district website.

Last year, under the direction of Ms. McEntee, the district expanded video resources for Growing Professional Development Opportunities to educators through the three dimensional professional development (3DPD) best practice repository.  The private video channel provides resources to district educators and staff with over 135 uploaded videos that highlight district best practices, model lessons, strategies, and tips to improve instruction and student learning.  The homegrown repository provides teachers with on-demand opportunities to select personalized learning paths based on their individual needs.  This year, the district will concentrate efforts on professional development opportunities for parents regarding the social and emotional development of children.

The VISION2020 strategic plan also drives the annual budget goals.  Under the direction of Mr. Boyce, our budget planning process involves careful attention to improving student achievement and ensuring curriculum and instruction is designed and delivered to meet our students' needs. We want to provide you with the support and resources so that you can provide the optimal learning experience for our children.  Student performance data is studied and programs and services evaluated on an ongoing basis so that the budget reflects updated instructional priorities.  All of the staff additions, professional development opportunities and technology availability noted in this letter are a result of our deliberate budget process.  Last year, my Executive Student Council (comprised of students from each school building) introduced our budget priorities at the Annual Budget Public Hearing.  What a way to center our decisions on our students!  The Board will also continue to have two student representatives (i.e. one from Branchburg and one from Somerville).

The district thought partners (vendors) and community partnerships serve as the backbone and strength of our district.  We recognized these partners at our 5th Annual Supers Bowl event as they provide resources and experiences that enrich the learning experiences for our children.  This year, we are launching a new SHS partnership with LaRue PR.  We are entering the second year of our Robert Wood Johnson/Somerville Medical Sciences Academy, third year of RVCC’s Workforce Skills and Employability Program (non-college bound students exposed to retail, hospitality, public service, and childcare), third year of AT&T’s Young Science Achievers Program, and fourth year of our RVCC’s Academy of Liberal Arts.  Upon completion of this year, we will have 11 students receive their Associates Degree in May, prior to their high school diploma.  This spring, we will host our 4th Annual Student Achievement and Data Summit and 7th Annual Kindergarten Summit, which provide free learning opportunities and best practice sharing of instructional strategies with statewide professionals and local area providers.

We will continue our unfailing commitment to meet the needs of all learners and to foster a safe environment for them to be successful.  Dr. McDonald and her team will continue to promote the collaborative classroom model through professional development and a video series that highlights best practices in this area.  The series will be uploaded onto the district’s 3DPD channel.

We continue to drive 21st Century change in the Ville.  The 1:1 Chromebook initiative successfully launched at SHS last year and enters into phase three with the expansion to all students in grades 3-5 and Instructional Assistants.  All K-2 classrooms will also have sets of 6 MacBooks to utilize in the classroom.  Coding has reached new levels with the third year of our Mobile App Development program and middle and elementary school STEM/Coding classes.  The VDV and SMS libraries are being transformed into maker spaces to support student creativity and innovation.  Additionally, Ms. McEntee and her team have been busy implementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) capabilities for all office staff and students enrolled in SHS STEM classes.

Many of our staff members were busy this summer writing curriculum, teaching our enrichment and at-risk programs, attending professional development offerings and presenting at our annual Collaborative Professional Development Academy.  We would like to thank them for providing for our students, sharing their talents and continuing to improve their pedagogy.  We welcome three new members to the curriculum team.  At the Van Derveer School, Mr. Brennen Thompson will support the instructional staff by demonstrating and modeling best practice strategies as an instructional coach.  Mrs. Valentina Carleo will work with the Van Derveer School and Somerville Middle School staff to provide curriculum and instructional support as a curriculum supervisor.  Mrs. Carolyn Ross will join the Somerville High School community as an instructional coach to provide support and demonstrate best instructional practices.  In collaboration with staff, school community, and administration, the curriculum team will provide instructional support to create authentic and meaningful learning experiences for all students!

I would also like to especially welcome our 35 new staff members.  New staff, you have made a wise decision in selecting a school community that values education and diversity.  Be an advocate for your students and create classrooms where it is safe to fail as well as succeed.  I wish you tremendous success in the Ville!  I owe a debt of gratitude to our personnel committee for their countless hours of work selecting our new teachers.  The personnel committee is composed of teaching and support staff members.  They complete all first and second round interviews and recommend 4-8 candidates to our principals for demonstration lessons.  During the demonstration lesson phase, a member of the personnel committee remains on as a liaison to the process.

On September 6th and 7th, you will have an opportunity to meet with your principal to discuss school happenings, initiatives, and building Wildly Important Goals (WIGs).  As in previous years, progress towards WIGs will be measured using the Dashboard community stakeholder “scorecard.”  The Dashboard, posted on the district homepage, also contains links to each WIG rubric of assessment.  Supervisors will continue to track the progress towards WIGs through Purpose Driven Walkthroughs™.  As a reminder, Purpose Driven Walkthroughs™ are walkthroughs with a focus on achieving what is critical to building leaders.  Staff members provided input into their building WIGs through last year’s “whirlwind” exercises.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the families of Louisiana.  It is hard to believe that it has been four years since the devastation of Superstorm Sandy.  How will you be #allin4theVille this year?  I am ALL IN for our children and the Ville community.  I will continue to maintain an open door policy.  Stakeholders, can access me through Twitter, email, my “Talk with Tim” initiative and monthly brown bag lunch sessions.

Coffee and refreshments will be available in the middle school cafeteria at 8:00 am and the In-Service Day Program will begin at 8:30 am in the middle school auditorium. I thank you for your continued dedication and service to our entire school community.  I look forward to a successful school year and seeing you on September 6th.

My best for the coming year,

Timothy Purnell, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

LaRue PR Academy

I am pleased to announce the launch of a Public Relations Academy for the 2016-2017 school year.  This Academy represents a district initiative to establish local partnerships to enhance the educational opportunities for students.  The goal of the program will be to provide real-world application skills while stimulating interest in public relations.

Academy students will learn first hand about public relations and have the opportunity to complete exclusive internship hours at LaRue PR.   Students will be exposed to brand development and marketing, multi-faceted publicity campaigns, media outreach, social media marketing, and celebrity product placement.  This tremendous opportunity will allow students to gain valuable knowledge, skills, and experiences in the public relations field that cannot be duplicated in a traditional classroom.

Jessy Fofana, Founder/CEO of LaRue PR, is a leader in the industry and a Somerville parent.  Jessy has developed an innovative company that helps clients reach their full potential and achieve success.  Her firm is involved with the Manhattan Vintage Show and represents an impressive list of well-known fashion and lifestyle retailers.

Interested students may complete an online application that includes a video submission.  Consideration will be given to students who can demonstrate creativity and innovation in the video.  There are no GPA requirements for this Academy.  There are a limited number of openings for the program and therefore applicants will be screened through a selection process.  A complete list of the courses for the program can be seen in the link below.  Interested students can apply to be part of the program by clicking here.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Super's Bowl Community Event

The fifth annual Super’s Bowl will be hosted at Brooks Field at the Gus Vanderbeek Athletic Complex on Friday, June 3, 2016 at 6 pm (no rain date).  The Super’s Bowl is a flag football competition between the three district schools played by employees.  As in previous years, the event is free to the community.

Be a part of the school district’s history and sign a puzzle piece to be #allin4theVille!  Upon arrival, attendees can sign a puzzle piece that will ultimately be displayed in the Board of Education conference room.  The puzzle will represent the #allin4theVille partnerships that make the Ville a great place to learn and work!

Albert Einstein once said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”  In the Ville, we believe in a collaborative approach to learning and engagement that includes students, district employees, parents, community members, and community partnerships.  This year's Super’s Bowl theme is partnerships.  We want to use this opportunity to celebrate ALL of the community providers, organizations, and companies that assist in the learning process of our children.  Without your efforts and contributions, our impact would be marginalized.  We are #allin4theVille!

The Super’s Bowl event is a friendraiser community event.  This year, contributions will be donated to the Bristol-Myers Squibb Children's Hospital.  The Hospital has served and will continue to serve as a wonderful resource to our children and school community.  Please join us in supporting the Hospital.

The festivities begin at 5:30 pm with the opening of our Snack Shack.  Proceeds from the Snack Shack will benefit the Somerville High School Music Booster Association.  Our teachers and administrators will take the field to warm-up for the games, with Pep Band performing at 6 pm.  Students, parents and community members are encouraged to attend and demonstrate their school spirit and cheer on their staff and schools.

If you cannot join in person, be sure to follow along with the Twitter hashtag #supersbowl.  The Pioneer Studios will be filming the event this year.  Highlights will be posted on my YouTube channel.  

Tentative Schedule for the June 3, 2016 Super’s Bowl event:
5:30 pm.  Free Admission (Snack Shack will be open) and School Teams Warm Up
6:00 pm.  SHS Pep Band Performance
6:05 pm.  National Anthem sung by the Shirley Tempos (SHS Students)
6:10 pm.  5th Annual Super's Bowl (VDV versus SMS)
6:50 pm.  YMCA Performs a Gymnastics Half-Time Show
7:00 pm.  Halftime Fun for Student Attendees
7:15 pm.  Super's Bowl Championship Game (SHS versus the winning team)

Community Stakeholder Partnerships:
Somerville Education Foundation
Branchburg Education Foundation
Somerville Parent Teacher Organizations
Branchburg Parent Teacher Organization
Raritan Valley Community College
Robert Wood Johnson Hospital Somerset
Somerville Hall of Fame/Team Green
Somerville High School Booster Associations
Somerville Middle School Booster Associations
Somerville Borough Council and Mayor
Somerville Police Department
Somerville Fire Department
Somerville Emergency Medical Services
Somerville Public Library
Somerville YMCA
Somerville Recreation
Branchburg Recreation
Downtown Somerville Alliance
AT&T (Young Science Achievers Program)
United Way
Middle Earth
Municipal Alliance
Somerset County Educational Services Commission
Boy Scouts of America
Girl Scouts of America
Somerset County Youth Services Commission
Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)
Tri County Care Management Organization
Somerset County Food Bank
Somerset Patriots
Somerset Civic League
Somerset County Business Partnership
Somerville/Bridgewater Rotary Club
Branchburg Rotary Club
Somerville Elks Lodge
American Legion
Zufall Health Center
Resource Center of Somerset
Safe Communities Coalition
LaRue PR
Fairleigh Dickinson University
Bridgewater Sports Arena
Branchburg Sports Complex
Joetta Clark-Diggs
New York Jets

Air Liquide
American Reading Company
Apex Learning
Central Pizza
Chipolte Grill
Discovery Education
Dunkin Donuts
Quick Check
Reading Cinema
Signarama North Plainfield
UK Elite
...and the multiple contributors for awards and scholarships

Previous Super’s Bowl Award Recipients 
Super’s Bowl I (2012) – VDV, MVP – Brennen Thompson
Super’s Bowl II (2013) – VDV, MVP – Nicholas Diaz
Super’s Bowl III (2014) – SMS, MVP – Freddie Shaker 
Super’s Bowl IV (2015) – SHS, MVP – John Hoehn

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

3DPD: A Best Practice Repository

Last year, the district launched 3DPD* (Three Dimensional Professional Development) which allows educators to differentiate their own professional development through an online "best practice" repository.  Teachers record instructional segments or full lessons using a Swivl camera in their classroom.  These recorded clips are uploaded into a private YouTube channel where colleagues can access the content 24/7 and collaborate about the viewed practices.  Although teachers have the latitude to observe colleagues in action, the online repository reduces the need for teachers to have substitutes cover classes for peer observations and enables them to spend more time in the classroom with their students.

Under the direction of the Director of 21st Century Education, the channel allows teachers to tag lessons by pedagogical topics.  This enables the viewer to search the database for interested areas in a relatively quick manner.  The Director approves, manages the channel, and ensures that footage is tagged and uploaded properly.  

This is yet another way that we celebrate and highlight excellent classroom pedagogy in the Ville!  We are fortunate to have so many "best practice" models in the Ville exemplified by our outstanding educators.  3DPD is another piece of evidence that our educators are #allin4theVille and dedicated to perfecting their craft.

*Special thanks to Melissa McCooley for coining the phrase "3DPD."

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Acceptance Speech (#getoffyourisland)

It is a tremendous honor to serve as the New Jersey State Superintendent of the Year for 2015.  Below is a copy of my acceptance speech, delivered at the May 14, 2015 NJASA Spring Conference.  Special thanks to @jhnmarcellus for the Twitter hashtag reference.

I am fortunate to have colleagues that are extremely supportive.  At my roundtable, we have vulnerable conversations and share experiences that reveal potential solutions to problems we are facing..  That was not always the case for me though. When I first became superintendent at the age of 32, I was surrounded by AWESOMENESS.  I became wired to hide my insecurities.  I believed that you don't want others to see your weaknesses. 

That thinking could not be less constructive. When I became a member and eventually the president of the Somerset County Roundtable, I opened up to my colleagues.  I realized that people aren't drawn to AWESOMENESS.  They are interested in genuine conversations. They are engaged by people who show vulnerability and that's what makes my county such a close group of superintendents.

David Brooks, NY Times, speaks of the difference between resume and eulogy virtues.  He says that “no person can achieve self-mastery on his or her own.  Individual will, reason, and compassion are not strong enough to consistently defeat selfishness, pride, and self-deception.  We all need redemptive assistance from outside.”  We NEED each other!

I'm looking around the room here today and I see a lot of superintendents with less experience than me.  I urge you to ask your colleagues questions.  We have a lot of talented superintendents in this state that can offer you outstanding advice if you just ask.  Don't make the same mistake that I made.  Cal Ripken advises us "to expose your weaknesses and ask questions." For me, it has paid dividends. Being a superintendent doesn't have to be “working on an island” or in isolation.  It may be lonely in your office, but a colleague is a phone call away.

I also fell prey to the notion that the more you say, the more you open yourself up to public scrutiny. Heck, it is easier to keep a low profile by not saying anything.  But is it the right thing to do?  Have we become marred by public judgment?  Being a young superintendent, it’s easy to fall into that mentality.

Joseph Scherer, executive director of the superintendents' national dialogue, says that the greatest deficit in education is not finances, but rather LEADERSHIP.  Everywhere we go, people seem to know more about education than us, the educators.  It's gotten to the point, Scherer says, that the "public doesn't miss educators from the discussions about education."

Be a strong leader!  Weather the storm!  Hope that people will recognize the benefits of courageous decisions that outweigh the special interest outcries!  We need to amplify our voice.  Meet with your legislators and invite them to do a coin flip at a football game (as Dr. Bozza suggests).  Make suggestions to the DOE when they issue a call for comments.  Speak out against the wrongs and for the rights. I have read some incredible ideas, thoughts, and opinions on Twitter.  We need to unite these voices and build a strong refrain.  We need more conversations!  Look around the room.  Imagine the radical change we can foster in the state of New Jersey, just with the people in this room!

Thank you again for this privilege to represent our state.  And for our new superintendents, ask for help and don't be afraid to be vocal about what you believe in!  Your district hired you to have a voice.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Somerville Medical Sciences Academy

I am pleased to announce the Somerville Medical Sciences Academy (SMSA), an exciting joint venture between Somerville Public Schools and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Somerset (RWJ).  RWJ's recent acquisition of Somerset Medical Center afforded this unique opportunity for our high school students.

Students enrolled in the SMSA will learn first hand about the many health care careers available and gain valuable knowledge, skills, and experiences in a hospital setting that cannot be duplicated in a traditional high school classroom.  SMSA students will receive an exclusive opportunity to shadow hospital professionals during the first portion of their day in a "field experience" at RWJ.   For the remainder of their day, SMSA students will attend traditional classes, eat lunch, and participate in extracurricular activities on the Somerville High School campus.  The goal of the program will be to challenge students academically while stimulating interest in health related professions and to motivate students with an aptitude for math and science to pursue post-secondary education.

There are a limited number of openings for the program and therefore applicants will be screened through a selection process.  The SMSA has a limit of 15 students per cohort, per year.  A complete list of the courses for the program can be seen in the link below.  Interested 8th grade students from Somerville and Branchburg can apply to be a part of the SMSA through the district homepage or by clicking here.

Monday, December 1, 2014

#FutureReady in the Ville

On November 19, 2014, I had the honor of joining President Obama and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan for the signing of the #FutureReady pledge, along with 100 other superintendents from across the nation.  Hopefully you were able to follow my tweets @SchoolSup.  While honored to attend, my selection was in much part due to the efforts of the Ville staff, Board of Education, and students.

After several levels of security clearance, the superintendents were ushered into an auditorium and briefed on the day's events.  The highlight of the morning was indeed the actual signing of the #FutureReady pledge (seen in the video link below).  You can also view the President's entire speech by clicking here.

After the #FutureReady signing, I had the opportunity to boast about the great things that are taking place in the Ville.  Each of the attendees had the opportunity to share and network over lunch breakout sessions.  I found the exchange of information in the sessions to be extremely valuable.  After lunch, we went back to the auditorium for panel discussions and various presentations from Department officials.  The day ended with a Question and Answer session and photo with Secretary Duncan.

In his speech, the President referenced the digital divide.  While we have made tremendous progress in the Ville (SmartBoards district-wide, iPad and laptop carts, 1:1 SMS Chromebook initiative, SHS mobile app development course, middle school "scratch" club, "best practice" lesson repository, and additional devices for VDV and SHS), we still have students going home without device and no Internet.

To address this divide, I am forming a special task force to explore avenues to better prepare our students to be #FutureReady.  I welcome stakeholder involvement.  Should you have an interest in being involved in the task force or would like to provide input, please send me an email at, tweet me @SchoolSup, comment on this blog, or fill out a Talk with Tim with your information and/or comments.

We have a plethora of local organizations that have a vested interest in education.  With partnerships and grants, I am confident that we can bridge the digital divide in the Ville!  Coincidentally, the FCC recently proposed increasing the E-Rate program cap to $3.9 billion.  As stated in the article, "the proposed plan will go to vote from the entire commission on Dec. 11."  This pending program cap adjustment sends a message of sustainability in eRate funding.

I am charged and eager to be #FutureReady in the Ville.  Let's continue the conversation and I welcome your input and involvement as we attempt to bridge this gap and make equal access for all children a #reality!

Friday, October 31, 2014

#allin4theVille Awards

Is there a staff member that you would like to recognize? Someone that went the extra distance for you or your child?  

Nominate her/him for an #allin4theVille award!

The district recognizes staff members (bus drivers, custodians, security/attendance officers, secretaries, aides, teachers, counselors, CST, support staff, and administrators) for their outstanding efforts.  
Several staff members will be recognized periodically throughout the school year! Click here to nominate a staff member.

#allin4theVille Award Recipients
Van Derveer P-2
Eileen Barist (14-15)
Staci Delese (15-16)
Johann Derflinger (14-15)
Holly Ehrnman (15-16)
Kerry Foote (15-16)
Lindsay Frevert (14-15)
Yolima Vasquez (15-16)

Van Derveer 3-5
Michael Guilarte (14-15)
Joelle Kessler (15-16)
Meghan Royack (14-15)
Charlene Tackvic (14-15)
Brennen Thompson (15-16)
Dora Underwood (15-16)

Somerville Middle School
Matthew DeBlock (14-15)
Lindsey Kulis (15-16)
Stephen Loreti (14-15)
Allison Parajon (15-16)
Freddie Shaker (15-16)
Rodney Weems (14-15)

Somerville High School
David Damaschke (15-16)
Angela Goff (14-15)
Matthew Krempasky (15-16)
Laura Manziano (14-15)
Joseph Pugh (15-16)
Michael Skomba (15-16)
Karen Stephenson (15-16)
Dr. Shawn Temple (15-16)
Vern Underwood (14-15)
Aida Wahba (14-15)
Danielle Zurawiecki (14-15)

Sheila Deck (15-16)
Marietta Gamba (14-15)

Lisa Mulhearn (15-16)
Joan Thorne (14-15)

Community Stakeholders
Jeffrey Vanderbeek (15-16)