Tuesday, June 8, 2010

District's Budget Recommendations

On Monday evening the Board of Education voted unanimously to the following reductions to the 2010-2011 defeated school budget.

(Township Recommendation = TR)

Instrc Services ($44,627.00) Sal Freeze/Reduc of Staff (TR)
Instrc Services ($3,166.00) Sal Freeze (TR)
Undistributed Expenditures ($189.00) Sal Freeze (TR)
Ed Media Serv/Sch. Library ($1,397.00) Hold to 2009/10 Level (TR)
Support Services-General Admin ($7,495.00) Sal Freeze (TR)
Support Services-School Amin($4,500.00) Sal Freeze/Reduct (TR)
Central Services ($8,444.00) Sal Freeze (TR)
Required Maint for School Facilities ($2,200.00) Sal Freeze (TR)
Custodial Services ($6,102.00) Sal Freeze (TR)
Social Security ($10,000.00) Hold to 2009/10 Level (TR)
Emp Benefits ($3,000.00) Reduce Estimated Increase (TR)
Emp Benefits ($32,400.00) Reduce Increase based on contrib (TR)
Staff Salaries ($14,986.75) Science Position Retirement Breakage
Staff Salaries ($35,599.90) Reduct of a MS teaching position
Regular Programs - Undistributed Instruct($573.00) Sal Freeze (TR)
Support Staff - Aides ($20,290.00) Reduction of aide
General Supplies - Tech ($4,000.00) Tech - Printers (8)
General Supplies - Tech ($6,250.00) Laptops (5)
General Supplies - Tech ($4,687.00) Server
General Supplies ($8,306.35) Teachers Reduction of supplies
Textbooks ($4,700.00) Reduction of Reading Street Order (TR)
Resource Room/Resource Center ($3,643.00) Sal Freeze
Revenue Transp Fee ($2750) Subsc Busing (Raise $50 for 1st Child)

TOTAL $229,306.00
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