Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Township Committee's Adjusted Tax Levy Recommendations

This evening, the Township Committee voted 3-1 to cut the HTS budget by $229,306 resulting in an adjusted total tax levy amount of $8,562,491. These reductions are in addition to the previous cuts made by the Board of Education. The Township Committee recommended the following:

Custodial, Administrative and Support Staff Salary Freeze
1.5% contribution of salary for healthcare from teachers association
Freeze of coaching salaries
Social Security Payment Reductions
Reduction in Unemployment contributions

AIP supplies – Hold to 2009-10 school year
Library supplies - Hold to 2009-10 school year
Extra-Curricular Activities/Sports – Hold to 2009-10 school year

Reduction of Secretarial Staff (specific recommendation is still unclear)
Reduction of Business Administrator Hours
Reduced salary of Principal replacement

Reduction of funds set aside for emergencies

The Board of Education can either accept the adjusted tax levy or file an appeal with Commissioner of Education. The Board of Education is not required to impose the specific recommendations listed above but must reduce the budget by the amount specified in the adjusted tax levy.

President Novotny and I would like to thank everyone for their continued support during this difficult time. The Board of Education will be meeting to discuss the implications of the recommendations in the near future.
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