Monday, November 2, 2009

NJDOE = Maryland No Longer the Model

On Wednesday, October 28th at the NJSBA Convention, the Garden State Coalition hosted a session with Commissioner Lucille Davy. I asked the first question, inquiring about the NJDOE's comparison of Maryland and New Jersey public schools. Commissioner Davy indicated that the NJDOE is not using Maryland as a model for successful consolidation. I referenced her previous response at the NJASA Representative Assembly and mentioned that she was contradicting the Department's stance on successful comparisons. I cited New Jersey's NAEP scores compared to other states and asked why the Department was planning to restructure such a successful example, as indicated in former Governor's Corzine's campaign addresses. I reminded her of California's Proposition 13 and asked if the NJDOE used data to drive decisions... Furthermore, I asked her about her stance on forced consolidation and cited Joseph Cryan's response to my question. My concerns seemed to open a barrage of questions from my colleagues.

I will continue to keep you posted...
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