Monday, November 9, 2009

H1N1 Action Plan

Please take some time to read over the school's Action Plan for H1N1 (Click Here). I hosted a Stakeholder's Committee Forum on October 14, 2009. Members of the committee included Garry Annibal (Harding Township Health Administrator), Fred Valentino (All Clean – Night Custodial Services), Derek Gee (Peggnet – Technology Service), John Scoles (Cleaning Agent Supplier), Dee Klikier (Curriculum Director/Principal), Rita McArdle (School Nurse), Jim Minkewicz (Business Administrator), Joe Pitcher (Maintenance and Custodial Supervisor) and Christine Winow (A HTS Parent). Derek Gee will be posting a podcast with audio from the event this week.

Please feel free to provide any thoughts/concerns/feedback on the plan!

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