Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Super's Bowl II

The Second Annual Super's Bowl will occur on May 31, 2013.  The Super's Bowl is a Somerville Public Schools event to raise money for a charitable cause.  This year, all proceeds from the event will go towards finding a cure for Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), a rare neurological disorder.   More information can be found by clicking here.  A free will donation can be made at the game.

Details of the event include:
- Somerville Recreation will host a special soccer extravaganza starting at 4:30 pm.  (Somerville Recreation cancelled the pre-game activities)
- School teams, made up of staff members, will begin warming up at 5:30 pm on the High School Turf Football Field.
- Traditional opening ceremonies which includes the National Anthem sung by Somerville educator Dayle Reavey  a National Recording Artist, the didgeridoo call to order and the ceremonial coin flip.  (The National Recording Artist will not be able to attend)
- First game between the Somerville Middle School staff and the Van Derveer School staff. 
- Second game between the Somerville High School staff and the losing team from the first game. 
- The YMCA will host a 10 minute intermission for all children in attendance! 
- The winners of game 1 and 2 will play for the championship game.
- After the championship game, trophies will be presented to the winning team and the Most Valuable Player. 

Come out to the game and root on your staff members!  District Business Administrator Bryan Boyce, Director of 21st Century Education Jason Solomon, Coordinator of Technical Services Ron Bommarito and former SHS and Michigan State football player Jesse Miller will be refereeing the games.

Highlights from Super's Bowl I can be seen here.

Mason Robinson and the Board of Education present the Van Derveer staff with the 2012 trophy.

The Traditional Call to Games Sounding of the Didgeridoo

All proceeds and collected goods from Super's Bowl I were donated to the Food Bank Network of Somerset County
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