Sunday, February 3, 2013

Supporting Toms River

I would like to thank the Somerville and Branchburg communities for the outpouring of support that we received to provide relief efforts for Toms River.  On Thursday, January 31st, Jimmy Gabriel and I delivered the donations to the People's Pantry.  The pantry has registered over 3,000 visitors (some shopping for their entire family). Tammi Millar, a former SHS student and Branchburg resident, has been coordinating the relief efforts between the pantry and the Somerville School District.  She told me that donations have been dwindling but that the need is still high.  Some of the residents are still without power.  Witnessing the pantry in operation with many volunteers serving so many families still struggling with the effects of the storm was quite emotional. I did my best to provide you with a glimpse of what Mr. Gabriel and I saw during the visitation.  Next week, John Venezia (Somerville Education Association President) and I will deliver the gift cards. Thank you again for your overwhelming kindness and generosity to the Toms River community.

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