Thursday, October 7, 2010

Construction Projects During a Struggling Economy?

This summer, HTS completed two major construction projects in the middle school: the first floor bathrooms and the roof. The New Jersey Department of Education classified both renovations as Level 1 projects. Level 1 projects are classified as critical operation needs and program mandates. The middle school bathrooms were not compliant with ADA regulations and the roof was a safety hazard with shingles falling.

The school’s Business Administrator, Jim Minkewicz, met with the manager from the Church of Christ the King to discuss the color and manufacturer of the slate shingles. Matching the shingles with Christ the King is aesthetically pleasing and provides consistency with the Harding Township community.

These projects would not have been possible without Regular Operating District (ROD) Grants from the New Jersey School Development Authority for $139,000. This amount reflects 40% of the total costs of both projects.
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