Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rising Above and Sustaining a Quality Education

By now you have heard about the reductions in state aid. It is disastrous to public education. Harding Township School will receive ZERO state aid for the 2010-2011 school year.

We are working extremely hard to minimize any educational impact to our district. Everyone expects us to declare how much our schools will be hurt by these changes... Teaching is and will always be a challenge. Every aspect of a district’s spending affects our students, whether it is educating the kids, providing teachers with assistance, answering parent phone calls, formulating relevant curriculum or making sure that our buildings are clean. We all impact children! No matter what the loss to Harding will be, we will still be faced with challenges to serve our children and school community.

Our mission to provide an optimal learning experience for all students will remain the constant focus during these difficult times. The challenge remains the same, to meet the needs of EVERY child that steps foot in our school and provide each one with the tools needed to succeed.

I am proud of our district's accomplishments! We have been labeled a HIGH PERFORMING district by the County Officials less than one month ago. We have created a new USABLE curriculum template that provides 21st Century Skills, technology integration and cross-curricular connections. We have technological tools and gadgets galore (SmartBoards in EVERY classroom, FIVE SmartTables, podcasts, blogs and wikis). The district has been nominated a "School of Distinction." 61 out of 72 families indicated that they were WELL INFORMED on the December Public Relations Survey. We have A LOT to celebrate this year!

Politicians and the general public want us to vocalize our disappointments! Even though we have to address these reductions, I can assure you that our teachers are working extremely hard for your children. Our kids deserve the BEST and the HTS staff gives their best effort EVERY day!
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